Championship Show 2012 - Judge Mrs M Johnston

BIS & BCC Dale's Lynnsto Platinum
RBIS & DCC West's Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten
BPIS Squire's Kimgarwyn Orchid
BVIS Milner's Juanne Gin 'N' Soda


22nd September 2012

Ladywood Leisure Centre,


Judge: Mrs Modwena Johnston (Glenveagh)

SP Beginners Dog (2,0)


1st Fergus-Higgins Juraspirt Failte To Carsphairn

2nd Windrams Louie Conquistador

Minor Puppy Dog (4,2)

1st Squires Kimgarwyn Defender (BPD)

2nd Carlin & Gillot Lizandycris Check Me Out

Puppy Dog

No entries

Junior Dog (2,0)

1st Wests Tomlyndon Power of Love

2nd Milners Juanne Flamenco Finlay

Yearling Dog (2,0)


1st Fergus-Higgins Juraspirt Failte To Carsphairn

2nd Windrams Leonardo Ventura

Novice Dog

No Entries

Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st Ladhams & Rudds Juraspirit Caimbeul

Post Graduate Dog(2,2)

Limit Dog (4,1)


1st Dales Something Special Superbia Lynnsto (RDCC)

2nd Jenkinsons Highcross Willie Be Charmed

3rd Noyces Maxula Name of the Game

Open Dog (5,3)


1st Wests Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten (DCC & RBIS)

2nd Tullis's Drumsheugh True Grit

Veteran Dog

No entries

Good Citizens Dog Scheme Dog or Bitch

1st Andrews Kellethrigg Christmas Rose at Rupann

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1)


1st Lancasters Clanestar Cloud Chaser

2nd Andrews Rupann Spring Surprise

Puppy Bitch

No entries

Junior Bitch (5,1)


1st Squires Kimgarwyn Orchid (BPB & BPIS)

2nd Dales Lynnsto Eye Candy

3rd Wests Tomlyndon Maid For The Stage

4th Noyces Maxula Box Of Tricks

Yearling Bitch (2,1)

1st Lancasters Clanestar Careless Love

Novice Bitch (1,0)

1st Andrews Rupann Spring Surprise

Graduate Bitch (4,1)


1st Wilsons Gairich First Edition

2nd Kinnairds Gilbri Ruby Tuesday at Pepperknowe

3rd Croziers Carshairn Caol-Ila

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)

1st Edmondsons Pepabby Pirouette

2nd Coopers Brorastar Words of Love

3rd Squires Kimgarwyn Miss Molly

4th Ladhams & Rudds Juraspirt Mint Julep

Limit Bitch (5,0)


1st Smiths Lingbeck Playing the Lady

2nd Tullis's Drumsheugh White Mischief

3rd Windrams Cochansa Dales Pride

4th Andrews Kellethrigg Christmas Rose at Rupann

VHC Milners Juanne Gin'n Just a Dash

Open Bitch (7,1)


1st Dales Lynnsto Platinum JW (BCC & BIS)

2nd Coopers Brorastar Aint's She Sweet (RBCC)

3rd Carlin & Gillots CH Lizandycris Aint She Grand

4th Smiths CH Faymar Fine Romance

VHC Smiths Lingbeck Leading Lady

Veteran Bitch (3,2)


1st Milners Juanne Gin 'N' Soda (BVIS)

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